God Said - Delay Is Not Denial

Has God made a promise to you that has not yet been fulfilled? Perhaps you seem to have waited forever (although in reality it is not) but then nothing has happened, in fact it seems to you that your circumstances have worsened. Financial stress, family or relationship stress, job deterioration - all of these changes have been delayed, but don't consider it denial for a second. You have to be patient because God is definitely working for you. 

Good things shouldn't be rushed. When he was young, God made a promise to Jacob's son Joseph (see Genesis 3748) that one day he would rule, but then, for the next thirteen years, everything was exactly the opposite of the promise. sold it to the Egyptians. As a slave in Potiphar's house, he was falsely accused of raping his master's wife. Then he was thrown in jail and forgotten. José refused to let circumstances dictate his perspective.He didn't let self-pity or bitterness drain his energy; Instead, he chose to use whatever circumstance, whether at home, in Potiphar's house, or in prison, as the God-given place where he would wholeheartedly serve Him. He blessed Joseph and made him a blessing to others. 

The moral of this story and play is, "If you hold firm in your faith instead of using your belated promise as a reason to complain to God, keep in mind to give everything to God. Let go of expectations of how and when God would fulfill the promise and instead know that God was up to something far greater than you could imagine. On time, God's time! His wisdom, faith, and loyalty were rewarded with an anointing. Remember that your plan is not God's plan. 

Whatever we may think is good or right for ourselves, God determines the true answer. When people you once called a friend are removed from your life, don't cry over their loss. Sit back and see the difference in your life with newfound freedom and weight loss by shedding the weight of death. Trust him even when life is meaningless.

Remember that your plan is not God’s plan. What we may think is good or right for us, God determines the real answer. When people are taken from your life that you once called a friend, do not cry over that loss. Instead sit and see the difference in your life with the new-found freedom and weight loss from getting rid of death weight. Trust Him even when life doesn’t make sense. There is a purpose in what you are going through. Perhaps God is trying to correct your course and redirect your vision. It could be that He is using these trials to teach you to lean more on Him, trust His timing, and strengthen your faith.

God may seem silent but that doesn’t mean He has walked away. He is actually at work in the background, putting together a master plan for you.

Sometimes, the biggest gift is the delay that you are in. The delay that you didn’t ask for, didn’t seek out and didn’t want. Yes, that one. That one can be the biggest gift in your life.

God isn’t telling you that you will never have that thing; the job, marriage, a family. He is just telling you to trust Him with the timing. He is telling you to trust Him with the person. He is telling you to trust Him with the process.

We see delays as being denials because it doesn’t fit into our idea of how it should be. I think the gift should come in a certain color, have this kind of bow on it, and be this type of size. But that isn’t how God works. God works in His ways and His timing. All while stirring within us the feelings that come with letting go. With letting go of my idea of what marriage should be, when it should come, and whom it should be with. He causes me to focus not on the outward but the inward.

In the delay, my heart is the one that is being changed. God is shaping your heart to what He desires for your life. And yes, marriage may be that, but just because you are not married now, does not mean you won’t be in the future. Only that marriage is delayed. Not forever. Temporarily.

A delay in which you can learn and grow. A season where you get to understand how your walk with God needs to flourish in the waiting.

In the waiting, God’s delay isn’t His denial, only His protection, and wisdom.

So in the waiting, ask God. Let Him know the thoughts in your heart and head. Ask Him to help you go from uncertainty and denial to confidence and patience.

Let go of the timeframe you have. Let go of the idea that God isn’t working in your life because you don’t have this one thing yet. Let God change your heart from seeing the waiting period as denial and choose to see it as only a delay. Let Him remind you of His faithfulness. Let Jesus be the One who shows you that His delays are not His denial, but that God only wants what’s best for you!

2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.

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