To Live As A Godly Woman 

To Live As A Godly Woman 

Trying to be a Godly woman in this world is indeed hard. The world is too complicated, and there are so many ways to lose our way. So how do we stand firm in our faith despite all distractions ?

The world’s ideas of how to be a great woman in the eyes of everyone  surround us. Entertainment, politics, and even education proclaim what it means to be an ideal woman. Trying to avoid the current cultural definition of femininity would be like trying to take a bath without getting wet.

But do we know what really matters most? Do you think you are worthy to be called a Godly woman? 

Character is unlike any other aspect of a person, for it is the core root of who they are. Circumstances may change monetarily, looks fade over time, but character is something that endures over a lifetime.

A Godly woman is something to aspire to grow into, and something to be praised.

A godly woman is kind, gentle, patient, caring, compassionate, god-fearing, and humble. That’s a tall order and big shoes to fill. It’s important that we remember that no human being is perfect because we all pail in comparison to the great God we love and worship.

All we can do is wake up each day and try our best to live out our destiny. That is one of the most important  characteristics of a Godly woman. Godly women love God, they seek Him, and they thank Him even on their darkest days.

From kindness to others to integrity for her family to wisdom to a heart for the Lord such a life is one to pray for daily. Beauty, charm, riches, and mystery are all things that for a time can appear to be wildly captivating, but over time they will wane and not endure the way rooted character in God does.

Godly Women Knows and  Seek God

If you want to know how to become a woman of God, you have to know who God is. And you need to be spending quality time in the Bible. Imagine a hard, dry sponge dropped into dirty water. The sponge immediately soaks up the filthy water surrounding it.

Now, immerse a dry sponge in clean water until it’s saturated. Now, when the full sponge sits in the dirty water, the filth rests on the surface deep. It is so filled with pure water, it can’t hold anything else.

Do people see you as a person who exemplifies God and represents His good nature? Godly women seek God in their lives on a regular basis. They reject lies and realize that nothing else can satisfy them.

That is one problem that we all experience. We seek satisfaction out of so many areas in life but godly women understand that true satisfaction only comes from God.

Godly Women Are Beautiful On Their Own Unique Way  

It is an incredibly challenging time to be a woman. We live in a world that is so sexualized and obsessed with personal appearance. But, Godly women are not worried about that. They don’t care, they don’t succumb to pressure, and they see their true beauty. Godly women are beautiful.

They’re beautiful because they’re not afraid to dress modestly. These women do not flaunt and show off because they understand the negative impact that this type of behavior can cause.

Godly women also realize that bodies age and that’s no reason to try and turn back time. Your body is beautiful exactly as it is because it’s yours and you are a child of God. Those who seek plastic surgery and enhancements are focusing too much on things of this world.

Godly Women Are Meek And Humble

Women spend a lot of time taking care of their loved ones. Caring for others can sometimes be an unforgiving and thankless task, but it’s one that further glorifies God and shows how godly you are. Women must always think of their selfishness as the enemy.

This isn’t only true for women, it is true for all people. We’re so caught up in our own business, what we’re doing, what plans we have, and what’s happening next that we neglect to think about others as much as we should. It’s important for women looking to live a godly lifestyle to not succumb to these feelings. God tells us that He is doing work through us.

Those women who are not afraid to do something simply because it’s the right thing to do are the ones that the Lord will look on with great favor.

Godly Women Are Willing To Serve Others

A godly woman is an excellent servant. The word “servant” has a negative stigma surrounding it but it’s important to remember that Jesus was a servant. We’re all servants to God so there’s no reason to think of it in a negative way.

Everything we do in our lives serves someone. Whether we’re working a 9 to 5 job, cooking, cleaning, or doing yard work, we’re serving someone.

There are many ways that we can serve others. It doesn’t have to require hours out of your day. Look at your current situation and commitments and see how you could better serve the people you know.Perhaps your church needs someone to help with sending out prayer cards. That’s a simple task that you could do in a few hours a week. Maybe you have a great knack for handling children. You could volunteer to teach kids at the church.

Remember, this doesn’t have to only involve your church, you can do things outside of church as well. If you’re a great cook you could consider cooking or baking something for a local charity. Or if you like visiting with the elderly, you could volunteer at a local nursing home.

Whatever it is you choose, there are so many ways for you to glorify God and do His great work here on earth.

Godly Women Love And Value Their Family

Love in the household is one of the major keys to being a godly woman. God instructs us to love our husbands and children, that this is our main goal and objective in life. While focusing on the home seems like an “old-fashioned” way of life, it’s still important to the Christian walk. If we do everything we can to put our home affairs in order, chances are everything else will fall into place too.

One of the most important things we can do is speak kindly of our family whenever possible. Do not say mean things about your husband behind his back. This dishonors him. If we disrespect him publicly, we’re undermining the love and bond of our relationship.

Our children are also important. We live in a society today that is so full of distractions. We need to make sure we spend less time distracted and more time focused on our kids.

1 Corinthians 15:10  "But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain. On the contrary, I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me."

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