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        Have you ever tried to straighten those beautiful curly locks of yours and regretted it immediately? Do you want to rock your curls? If so, this blog is for you!


       Transitioning to natural hair has many benefits that include, healthier hair. No frequent visit to a hair salon just to maintain it.  No expensive hair treatments that will surely cause damage to your hair and scalp once you over do it, etc. If you are intending on going back to natural, then get one thing straight, transitioning doesn’t happen overnight. The best results of transitioning come with patience, love and care. Hair care routine plays a major role in transitioning.

Let’s see how to go natural with the right steps and right products!



SAY NO To Chemicals And Heat 


       Stop using chemicals, heat and relaxers on your hair. Putting an end to heat styling is an essential step in the process of transitioning. The heat will end up damaging your hair, eventually causing breakage. Put down the blow-dryers and flat irons right away to not cause any more damage. You should even bid goodbye to occasional parlour visits and touch ups. Well, that is it about heat.

Chemical relaxers are also to be avoided while transitioning. These are some very powerful chemicals which alter and change your hair texture in order to straighten it. Thus they usually result in breakage, hair thinning and in some cases even severe scalp burns. It's best to avoid them during your hair transition journey.


Do The BIG Chop If Necessary 


          The BIG CHOP is the way to go whilst on your journey. This means cutting off all of your heat/chemically damaged hair and only working with untouched, healthy natural hair. However, if this is not for you then regularly trimming your hair is the way to go while transitioning. Trying to revive your dead ends are definitely not going to work. Thus trimming ensures that dead and chemically/heat damaged ends which are most prone to breakage are chopped off. This leaves you with healthier hair that is easier to work with. Start getting trims every 8-10 weeks and this will ensure the removal of split-ends as well.



Don’t Forget To Detangle Your Coils and Curls 


       Detangling your hair correctly can make a huge difference to your transitioning hair. Going rough on your hair with fine toothed combs/brushes will cause hair fall and breakage and also disturb your natural curl pattern. Since you are going natural, try to find the perfect comb/brush for your hair and scalp or  why not use your hands instead? Throw away your metal brushes and comb that can destroy and hurt your scalp and also make your hair break. D30-  Hair Detangler Brush for Curly Hair



Don’t  Forget To Moisturize And Condition Regularly


           The importance of moisturizing your scalp and hair cannot be stressed enough. This is the most imperative step that you need to practice as it will hydrate your hair which will help your curls hold their natural pattern and get rid of the frizz. Thus you must use products and techniques that will allow you to seal in the moisture.

        One of the ways to ensure good moisturized hair during the transition is to condition your hair regularly! This includes both regular conditioning you do every time you wash your hair, as well as deep conditioning it once or twice a week. This can aid in improving the health of your hair. In the transitioning stage, you must remember that both your new hair growing out as well as the damaged straight ends require hydration so as to avoid looking stiff, dry and frizzy. Check out our WHIPPED COCO SHEA  and HAIR GROWTH OIL to seal the moisture 



Go-to hair style


      Transitioning can be a tough phase. If not given proper care, your hair will end up being frizzy and totally unmanageable. Identify your go-to hairstyle which makes you and your hair comfortable and confident. Up do, braids and twist-outs can blend well with your 

double textured hair. Try our Hair Braid Oil 



Using Natural Hair  friendly products.


       While we’ve seen what products to avoid, now let’s focus on the products that curly hair requires for a healthy transition. The most important requirement of any natural hair friendly product is that it should be sulfate, paraben and silicone free.

If you have shampoos, conditioners,  oil and wax  that contain SLS and Parabens, now is the time to rid your closet of them. You might think that all the foams and bubbles are good for your hair. Sorry to pop your bubble! This could actually indicate higher sulfate content in your products which causes your scalp and hair to dry out. Instead switch to sulfate free products  which will still cleanse your scalp without stripping off its natural oils and leave it more hydrated.

It is imperative to shift to natural curly hair products to ensure that your curls are protected from all the harmful chemicals. GLAMMEDNATURALLY OIL PRODUCTS are made from 100% REAL natural organic oils with zero chemicals. Try to check their website to see their wide variety of hair friendly products. I added some direct links to their products so you can see how amazing they are like Whipped Mango Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil  Another tip is to go natural all the way by making your own hair care recipe. Our DIY Homemade Recipe For Natural Hair Ebook can be your ultimate guide for this.



Patience is the key


         Transitioning is never going to be as easy as you might think. Effective results come with time. Being patient is significant to go back to nature. Pour all your love and care into your hair by following the above mentioned steps regularly. Do not get discouraged if it is taking time. Just remember that at the end of that time period you will be rewarded with rich, luxurious curls that are going to be your crowning glory :)

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