5 Secret For Hair Length Retention 


           Retaining length on natural hair doesn’t have to be hard. It’s really all about consistency and patience. but first let’s look at the differences between length retention and hair growth. Let's face it curlies, one of the most frustrating  parts of being natural is growing out their hair is retaining length. Hair, unfortunately, doesn't grow overnight. In a time when gratification and obvious results must be instant, trying natural methods to grow out our hair makes us impatient.

          Hair  damage  is one of the biggest enemies to growth, but until we understand the causes of damage and take steps to control it, we will be unable to add visible length to our hair over time. Precautions about the proper way of taking care of your locks  must begin with proper knowledge and take conscious steps to help our hair if we want it to grow. The most essential part length retention has a lot to do with how you care for your hair after it has grown out. Your ends are the oldest; it means that it is the  thinnest, and weakest part of your hair. They are also higher in porosity. The best you can do to keep them as healthy as possible is to slow down the rate of damage.

        Keep in mind that we all have different rates of growth and your hair can and will grow with proper care so embrace each stage of your journey.


Be gentle when you detangle 

              One of the best tips that we can share with you is to detangle your hair gently. Don’t rush through it. Detangle hair in sections if you have to, making sure to start at the ends and work your way up to the roots. Using the proper tools to detangle is imperative, so be sure to use a seamless wide-tooth comb, detangling brush or your fingers. Try D30- HAIR DETANGLER BRUSH FOR CURLY HAIR

Protect your locks while you sleep 

              Low thread count cotton pillowcases could be the culprit behind your stagnant hair growth. Cotton is a highly absorbent material that robs your hair of moisture while you sleep. Furthermore, the weave of cotton fibers can cause individual stands to tangle and break. Satin/silk scarves, bonnets and pillowcases provide a smooth barrier that hair strands can glide across to reduce hair damage and friction. Try YERIX- ADJUSTABLE WOMEN SATIN NIGHT SLEEP HAIR CARE BONNET

Make Deep Conditioning weekly hair care routine 

            You may not know but moisture is the key for hair growth retention. Deep conditioning helps to  improve and maintain the moisture-protein balance of our hair, which helps improve elasticity. Better elasticity to avoid hair breakage.

If you’re looking for a deep conditioner to try, Glammednaturalyoil Biotin Conditioner It infuses hair with both biotin and moisture to restore dry and damaged hair, and our natural formula is made from natural ingredients for deeper penetration.

Eat healthy and don't forget to take your hair vitamins 

Ensuring that we eat nutrient-dense foods and drink plenty of water is a great way to improve the health of our hair before it grows out of our scalp. Kick your hair’s health up a notch with Glammednaturallyoil Biotin Vegetarian Strawberry Gummies For Hair Growth

. This vitamin is formulated to best support healthy hair and hair regrowth without triggering breakouts. With our unique proprietary blend of herbs, amino acids, and minerals, this formula works effectively in a natural way to support healthier, stronger and thicker hair.

Patience is the Key 

      Hair grows, that's its most basic function. When adequately cared for (excluding any internal or external stressors), it will continue to grow and flourish. The average rate of hair growth is about ½ inch per month. Stressing about growth, ignoring the progress, and doing too much causes us to miss what is continually happening.

         Working too hard in the wrong direction, chasing shortcuts,  and neglecting the overall health of our hair will keep us from reaching our goals of hair growth and length retention. Do the necessary work to learn more about your hair and its specific needs and follow a trusted source that doesn’t promote short cuts or perpetuate unrealistic expectations.

If you are currently facing a hair dilemma right now and you are tired of finding the solution for it. We are here to help. We have affiliate doctors  that could help you with your hair problem. Check out our Hair Growth Consultation Packages  

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